Co-curricular Activities


In Blooming Rose, we consider proficiency in both languages to be the cornerstone of a well-rounded education for the students of this nation.

The study of both English and Bangla in Blooming School & College encourages the development of the four key language skills – speaking, listening, reading and writing. Emphasis is placed on applying the rules of language in order to enhance communication skills. Development of students’ literary skills is also a very important way to equip them with the necessary tools of communication and expression. Students in Blooming Rose School & College are required to read numerous novels every year, in order to expose them to a greater variety of genres, time periods, styles and authors. In Blooming Rose School & College we encourage a love for reading and teach students to read to learn; we believe that developing their literary skills will not only help them in their future academic careers but also enable them to learn independently for the rest of their lives.


We consider competence in Mathematics to be a critical component of success in our school. Mathematics is taught through the innovative use of resources and teaching aides. Blooming Rose School & College’s curriculum promotes:

  • Mathematical thinking through the use of problem-solving activities and tasks
  • Visual thinking and ability to analyze data intelligently
  • Investigating and making sense of mathematical problems
  • Conceptual understanding
  • Development of mental-math’s skills

In a world filled with the products of scientific inquiry, scientific literacy has also become a necessity for everyone. Blooming Rose School & College’s Science Program embodies a vision of a scientifically literate populace. Our program aims to:

  • Stimulate students’ interest in scientific investigation
  • Promote a basic understanding and awareness of science
  • Allow students to make informed, rational and justifiable decisions based on observed data


At Blooming Rose School & College, we recognize that students must develop skills and an appreciation for visual and performing arts, as well as physical education, in order to grow holistically as ‘complete’ individuals.

Our art, music and drama programs not only build the skills that are necessary to perform and produce art, but they also grow an aesthetic and creative sensibility, learn about important historical genres, artists and works of art, music or theater, and learn how to talk about the arts analytically and with appreciation. In the high school, our Media Studies curriculum exposes students to the different types of media and its influence on daily life; the impact of media on social consciousness, and media literacy as a 21st century approach to education.

Physical education is a mandatory component of our academic program. Our students are not only given basic skills in physical fitness and in a range of different sports, but they are also taught about maintaining their health and well-being. By playing various competitive sports, students develop teamwork skills, as well as discipline.


Blooming Rose School & College has invested in numerous resources to enhance the educational experience and improve teaching and learning in all our campuses.

We have begun to incorporate technology into our classrooms: we have installed the DigiClass system in our senior and middle school classrooms. DigiClass is a multimedia-enabled teaching solution. DigiClass incorporates an interactive whiteboard, computer, projector and a preloaded content repository that are designed to make the classroom session more engaging and collaborative.

Blooming Rose School & College also maintains a rich library, with over 5,000 books and audio-visual resources. In addition, we have a resource centre which houses hundreds of educational resources for teachers to use in the classroom, all kinds of globes, atlases and models, scientific equipment and tools, and a range of visual resources such as charts and photographs. All these resources are used by teachers on a regular basis to make connections between lessons and the real-world.


All children should be entitled to a broad, balanced and purposeful curriculum and Blooming Rose School & College is committed to ensuring all students can achieve at their highest potential. Some children have varying needs that may require them to be given extra attention in order to keep up with the standard set by the school. Blooming Rose School & College has developed, therefore, a Special Education Program, which is a set of policies and planned activities, based on global best principles and practices, to provide to the special educational needs of students in Blooming Rose School & College. In many cases, these students are asked to attend specialized classes (called “Skills Labs”), which are small and allow very close teacher-student interaction. In this way, students who are below the standard of the class are given special attention to build their skills and achieve academic success up to their full potential.