Discipline Policy

School Discipline Policy

All students of Blooming Rose School and College are expected to maintain high standards of behavior. It is the staff’s expectation that students will learn and exhibit self-discipline and positive conduct. Rules to ensure appropriate behavior are established and enforced to maintain a safe and orderly environment that allows for optimum learning.

Blooming Rose School and College has established the following general expectations for all students:

  • will demonstrate respect for others and others’ property
  • avoid causing disruptions to the educational process
  • follow directions and respect authority of teachers and staff
  • be prompt to all classes, avoiding tardiness
  • remove hats inside all buildings
  • refrain from chewing gum at all times on campus
  • refrain from eating and drinking in classrooms
  • follow the dress code
  • stay away from the parking lot, and cars there, during the school day, whether or not students have a class. Student will receive Saturday School and/or Suspension from school
  • refrain from loitering in the P. E. area and other off limit areas during the school day including lunch time.
  • refrain from loitering on the Lancaster High School campus or any other school campus. Students are expected to leave campus within 15 minutes of dismissal.
  • students are expected to exit school buildings and quads immediately after school.
  • No gambling. Students may not bring dice on campus
  • Students may not sell candy or any other unapproved items on campus
  • Student may not bring any items on campus that are not for educational use.


School discipline is a collaborative effort by the parents, administration, students, and teachers. The focus of Blooming Rose School & College Charter School Discipline Policy is to promote positive behavior choices by recognizing students who engage in consistent positive behavior. However, mistakes are a natural part of growth. We help students reflect on errors in judgment and behavior and support them in learning how to make better decisions. We teach and model positive behavior including listening, cooperation, and mutual respect. We encourage students to make independent decisions and act responsibly towards others and with property. When this occurs, we believe that a very positive and productive learning environment will result, enabling students to strive for excellence.


The primary focus at Blooming Rose School & College is the academic success of every student. We seek to build within each child a love of learning, a sense of responsibility, self-discipline, a entrepreneur mindset, and respect for others. Students are expected to make positive behavior choices that promote their safety, the safety of others, and a productive learning environment. In an ongoing effort to combat discipline issues, we have developed a discipline policy that is firm and will be consistently applied.


Any student who demonstrates mid-level violation of school rules is mandated to serve Reverse Suspension. Reverse Suspension is where a parent/legal guardian must attend school with their student for the length of the entire school day. Parents/legal guardians are required to sign in and out and for the day and attend every class for which their student is enrolled including, but not limited to language, PE, music, lunch, recess etc. The parent / guardian must sit next to their child at all times and must refrain from using electronics/technology in the classroom. When attending PE, parents /guardians are permitted to stand to the side as not to interfere with the physical activity of the class. This is to ensure that all students can remain focused on the instruction being delivered by the classroom teacher (s). If a student is involved in school clubs or sports, they are not permitted to attend their extra-curricular activity for the day of the assigned Reverse Suspension.

Parents will be notified via phone, text or e-mail by the Principal or any member of the Administrative Staff the day the consequence is earned and the Reverse Suspension will occur the following day. If the parent / guardian is not able to attend school with their child, the student will not be admitted to school and will need to be picked up by an adult identified on the student emergency contact card. This will count as a missed day of school or Out of School suspension which is reflected on a student’s official record.

Out of School Suspension

Students that receive an out of school suspension or expelled shall be excluded from all school and school-related activities unless otherwise agreed during the period of suspension or expulsion.

A student identified as an individual with disabilities or for whom the Blooming Rose School & College administration team has a basis of knowledge of a suspected disability pursuant to the Individuals with Disabilities according to the Government Rules and Regulations. Blooming Rose School & College will follow all applicable state laws, when imposing any form of discipline on a student identified as an individual with disabilities in according due process to such students.

A student will be suspended or expelled for prohibited misconduct if the act is related to school activity or school attendance occurring at any time including but not limited to:

  1. a) While on school grounds;
  2. b) While going to or coming from school;
  3. c) During the lunch period, whether on or off the school campus;
  4. d) During, going to, or coming from a school-sponsored activity.

Suspensions shall be initiated according to the following procedures:

  1.  Conference Suspension shall be preceded, if possible, by a conference conducted by the Director of Operations and/or the Principal with the student and his or her parent and/or, whenever practical, the teacher, supervisor or School employee who referred the student to the Director of Operations or the Principal. The conference may be omitted if the Director of Operations and/or the Principal determine that an emergency situation exists. An “emergency situation” involves a clear and present danger to the lives, safety or health of students or School personnel. If a student is suspended without this conference, both the parent / guardian and student shall be notified of the student’s right to return to school for the purpose of a conference. At the conference, the pupil shall be informed of the reason for the disciplinary action and the evidence against him or her and shall be given the opportunity to present his or her version and evidence in his or her defense. This conference shall be held within two school days, unless the pupil waives this right or is physically unable to attend for any reason including, but not limited to, incarceration or hospitalization. No penalties may be imposed on a pupil for failure of the pupil’s parent or guardian to attend a conference with School officials. Reinstatement of the suspended pupil shall not be contingent upon attendance by the pupil’s parent or guardian at the conference.
  2. Notice to Parents / Guardians at the time of the suspension, Director of Operations or the Principal shall make a reasonable effort to contact the parent/guardian by telephone or in person. Whenever a student is suspended, the parent / guardian shall be notified in writing of the suspension and the date of return following suspension. This notice shall state the specific offense committed by the student. In addition, the notice may also state the date and time when the student may return to school.
  3. Suspension Time Limits / Recommendation for Expulsion Suspensions, when not including a recommendation for expulsion, shall not exceed five (5) consecutive school days per suspension. Upon a recommendation of expulsion by the Director of Operations and / or the Principal, the pupil and the pupil’s guardian or representative will be invited to a conference to determine if the suspension for the pupil should be extended pending an expulsion hearing. This determination will be made by the Executive Director or designee upon either of the following:

1) The pupil’s presence will be disruptive to the education process; or
2) The pupil poses a threat or danger to others. Upon either determination, the pupil’s suspension will be extended pending the results of an expulsion hearing.

Authority to Expel

 A student may be expelled either by the School Board of Directors following a hearing before it or by the School Board of Directors upon the recommendation of an Administrative Panel, to be assigned by the Board of Directors as needed. The Administrative Panel should consist of at least three members that are experience with the expulsion process and neither a teacher of the pupil or a member of the School Board of Directors. The Administrative Panel may recommend expulsion of any student found to have committed an expellable offense or if the student as reached ten (10) days of out of school suspension.