Instruction for Guardian

To parents and Guardians:

The main responsibility of building the career of a ward lies mainly on parents or guardians; so a few advices to them are from the authority.

  1. To make your ward a proper citizen, you will have to be the beau ideal and a man of character.
  2. After knowing psychological bent of mind and behavioral trend of your ward you will have to play the part of a doctor. As the first duty of a doctor is to diagnose the disease properly and to administer him proper medicine and give it to him in time, is also the duty of the guardian.
  3. Pay special attention whether your ward has been following the instructions of the school.
  4. You would regularly check his diary and see whether he carries his books, pen-pencils & pencils cutter in his bag.
  5. Regarding the nature and mental condition of your ward you are to report the same to the school authority.
  6. It is your sacred duty to pay the monthly tuition and other fees on time.
  7. School dress, books, pencils etc. should be supplied to your ward regularly.
  8. You will have to build your family environment congenial because for proper education of your wards these are indispensable.
  9. To attend all functions, such as parents day, seminars on education and annual programmes, are the bounden duty of parents and guardians. It is also the duty of a guardian to bring his wards to school and take them back after the school is over.